Criminal Defense Attorneys Chula Vista

Chula Vista Criminal Defense LawyersCriminal Defense Attorney Chula Vista | Got yourself into some trouble? Look no further than Law Offices of David Gutierrez. Get your free consultation in Chula Vista, California. Get the protection, representation and defense you deserve on your side! Our Chula Vista criminal attorney will evaluate your situation and give you legal guidance on whether you need to pursue a filing on your behalf or guide you to what’s best for your situation. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, we offer our expertise in criminal defense tactics, and strategies to review your legal state and help you decide if filing is imminent to protect your life!

There are many alternatives out there, but only an experienced criminal defense attorney can tell you for certain if filing is the right choice for you. The criminal defense lawyers Chula Vista Law Offices of David Gutierrez offers free consultations on DUIs, assault with a deadly weapon, assault and battery, domestic violence, drug charges, expungements, felony and misdemeanor defense, fraud, restraining orders, sex crimes and theft crimes. The Law Offices of David Gutierrez will inform you on whether your legal rights have been violated and what to expect from your situation.

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