Personal Injury Attorney Chula Vista

Personal Injury Attorney Chula Vista, Accident Lawyer After suffering a serious accident you find yourself saying “what do I do?”. I’m sure the last thing on your mind would be to hire an attorney after you or a family member suffers a serious injury. However, the decision you make following a traffic collision can impact your ability to recover damages to its fullest potential. What you will need is an experienced personal injury attorney who will and can protect you and your rights and make sure you are taken care of. For your free consultation, call the Law Offices of David Gutierrez today at (619) 333-8108.

After an accident or collision, most people report feeling fine. In fact, it can take several days and sometimes even months before symptoms begin to appear. Immediately after a motor vehicle accident you need to take the right steps to make note of your injuries. First things first, make sure you obtain insurance information from the other party (if you are able to), take pictures of the damage at the time of the accident and never apologize after an accident. An apology can be taken as an admittance of the cause. Personal Injury laws provide specific deadlines for submitting claims and recovering damages. The Law Office of David Gutierrez will make sure you don’t get stuck with costly medical bills, liens and that you are compensated for your pain and suffering.

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