Chula Vista Assault and Battery Lawyer

Have you been convicted of the criminal offense of Assault & Battery 242pc?  Or perhaps you have been the victim of an Assault & Battery?  Regardless of which it is you are going to need experienced legal representation in order to clear your case or to be compensated to the fullest extent of the law.

What is Assault & Battery?

Assault & Battery is a criminal offense.  It occurs when an individual willfully inflicts bodily harm on another individual and when this harm results in a traumatic condition either physical or psychological.   If you have been charged with Assault & Battery it can be as simple as a misdemeanor or as serious as a felony depending on the circumstances involved.  A criminal conviction of Assault & Battery does not result in financial compensation for the victim.  However, there are strategies that can be pursued by an experienced legal team that can help the victim of an assault to be compensated as fully as possible.

San Diego Assault Lawyer, San Diego Assault Attorney

Getting Legal Representation

It is important for you to have legal representation regardless of whether you have been the result of an assault or whether you are the one charged with assault.  This is why you need the best legal representation in the San Diego area, and that happens to be the San Diego Criminal Defense legal team at The Law Office of David Gutierrez.

If you are a victim of assault you can count on the legal team at The Office of David Gutierrez to treat you and your case with the kindness and compassion that you need after being so viciously treated and to ensure that we see to it that you are compensated to the fullest extent of California law.  This can include psychological trauma as well as lost wages and other compensations not directly covered by the criminal law.

If you have been convinced of assault you are going to want the strongest defense possible. This means ensuring that your legal team has the experience and expertise to find the evidence that will enable you to return to your life as quickly as possible and to ensure that you receive a fair and decent trial.

David Gutierrez’s experience representing both those who have been the victims of assault as well as those accused of assault is outstanding and his success rate on both sides of the issue are unparalleled in the San Diego area.  And while direct compensation for lost time for victims of assault is rare, there are other avenues such as lost wages and medical insurance coverage that can be pursued in order to get the fullest compensation possible.

No matter if you are the victim of an assault or have been charged with assault, you need the best legal representation you can get, and that means contacting The Law Office of David Gutierrez in order to get started in building the strongest case possible.