Chula Vista Drug Charges Attorney

Have you been arrested for a drug related crime in the San Diego area?  If so, you will be charged with some serious penalties under California penal code 1000?  These penalties that can impact every aspect of your life. They can also damage your reputation with your family, friends and community.

About Drug Crimes

Drug crimes come in a variety of different types including cultivation, distribution, drug sales, drug manufacturing, medical marijuana, possession and illegally prescribed drugs. Each of these crimes carries stiff penalties, though the actual penalties will depend on the circumstances as well as the drugs in question as well as how many drugs or the volume of drugs involved. But first it helps to understand each of the types of drug crimes.

  • Cultivation. Cultivation is the crime of growing, producing and possessing specific kinds of plants (or naturally occurring elements) that can be used to make or produce illegal drugs.

  • Distribution. Distribution refers to the knowing transfer of illegal substances from one place to another.

  • Drug Sales. Drug sales involves the selling of controlled substances. The amount of the drugs sold as well as the type of drug sold will determine the severity of the penalty.

  • Drug Manufacturing. The manufacturing of drugs involves playing a role in the cultivation and/or manufacturing of a controlled substance.  Manufacturing controlled substances holds very steep penalties in the state of California.

  • Medical Marijuana.  There are a number of complex laws regarding medical marijuana.  If an individual does not totally understand these laws it is too easy to be charged of a medical marijuana crime.

  • Possession.  The possession of any controlled substance can carry stiff or mild fines and penalties depending on the kind of drug that is being possessed as well as how much of it the person had on them and what they intended to do with it.

  • Illegally Prescribed Drugs.  Obtaining illegally prescribed drugs is one of the most common drug crimes out there.  Having or using prescription drugs that you do not have a legal prescription for can lead to some serious charges.

Why You Need Legal Representation

It doesn’t matter what the charges against you entail, if you have been charged with a drug related crime you are going to need a criminal defense lawyer.  You might as well get yourself the best representation available in the San Diego area, which is why you need to contact The Law Office of David Gutierrez.

It doesn’t matter what the charges are or the drugs that are involved; you need to build as strong of a case as possible, which is why you need the experience and expertise of David Gutierrez and his legal team.  With the proper representation and expertise we will ensure that you receive the least severe punishment possible even if we can’t get you off the hook altogether.

So call the experts at The Law Office of David Gutierrez today and take the first step towards ensuring that you can resume your life as quickly and painlessly as possible.