DUI Attorney Chula Vista

So, you’ve been arrested for Driving Under the Influence.  Do you know what comes next?  Well, the first order of businesses is for you to obtain the services of the proven  DUI attorneys in Chula Vista.  Without the expertise of an experienced legal representative you could be looking at some serious penalties as well as having your reputation with your family, friends, coworkers, employers and community totally devastated.

What is a DUI?

The charge of Driving Under the Influence means that you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated.  The penalties associated with this kind of charge can involve jail time, fines, probation as well as any number of other penalties that can seriously impact your financial and  future reputation.

In order to be charged with DUI you need to have a blood alcohol concentration level of .08 percent or greater or have been tested positive for driving while under the influence of drugs.  If the charge has been brought against you it is almost incontestable that you actually were drinking or incapacitated at the time of the arrest.

An arrest for DUI can not only land you stiff fines and court fees or even jail time, it can also cause you to lose your license, which can have a devastating impact on your ability to continue working and paying your bills.

Why You Need Legal Representation

The state of California is notorious for being hard on those accused of DUI.  Fortunately if you get yourself a competent lawyer, you can get off on lessened charges or at least build up a strong case against the worst of the penalties.

Many individuals think that once they have been accused of a DUI that they have no chance of getting out of it.  The truth is that a good lawyer can almost always find a loop hole that will get your charges lessened if not dismissed altogether.  You can’t hesitate however.  As soon as you have been arrested you need to contact The Law Office of David Gutierrez in order to get the best representation possible.

One of the best ways to fight a DUI in San Diego is to find a problem with the sobriety test that was used at the time of the arrest. No matter if it is the Horizontal Nystagmus Test, the Walk and Turn Test or the One-Leg Stand Test, there is almost always the chance that the Law enforcement officers did not receive proper training or did not administer the tests correctly or that the results of the test were somehow exaggerated.  A good lawyer such as David Gutierrez knows all of the ways of finding out whether or not the sobriety test in question can be proven to have been administered incorrectly.

There is also the chance that the person being charged with the DUI may have a physical disability or impairment that would prohibit them from getting a passing grade on the sobriety test.

Not matter whether you are guilty or innocent, if you have been arrested for a DUI, contact The aggressive DUI attorneys in Chula Vista Ca, The Law Office of David Gutierrez and start building the strongest defense possible against your accusation.