Chula Vista Disc Injury Lawyer

If you or someone in your family has suffered from a disc injury due to an accident or neglect at the hands of others, then it is time for you to call The Law Office of David Gutierrez.

At The Law Office of David Gutierrez, we have the experience and the expertise to take on your disc injury case.  But first it helps to understand a little bit about your injury.

About Disc Injuries

The spinal discs, or inter-vertebral discs, are the flat, soft cartilage in between the vertebrae on your spinal column.  The outer layer of the disc is rough and protects the jelly-like inner layer.  The jelly-like substance in the discs acts as a cushion to absorb pressure in between the vertebrae.  Every day our spinal cords take on tremendous loads and pressures.  Slips and falls, automobile accidents, and physical trauma can put excessive pressure on the discs causing them to bulge.

If you suffer from disc bulges, herniated discs, and ruptured disc caused by a third party then you may be entitled to monetary compensation.  Legal professional at The Law Office of David Gutierrez are well versed in disc injuries.  Call us today for your free consultation!

What is a Disc Injury?

The terms disc bulge, herniated disc, slipped disc, and ruptured disc are used interchangeably.  There are two common forms of these injuries.  The first, often referred to as a bulged disc, is when an external force pushes, pulls, compresses, or twists the disc out of place.  The outer layer of the disc “bulges” out of where it should normally sit.  Disc bulges are common and can be caused by normal degenerative wear and tear.  However, in some cases acute trauma, such as a vehicle accident or slip and fall, can make a disc bulge.

A herniated, slipped, or ruptured disc is when the outer layer of the disc actually rips allowing the jelly-like cartilage inside to escape.  Pressures from the vertebrae force the inner cartilage to protrude out of the rip.

When discs are out of alignment an individual can experience anything from mild discomfort to severe pain and paralysis.  Severity of the symptoms depends on the size and location of the bulge or herniated disc.

Getting Treatment for Spinal Damage

You should seek medical attention after a serious accident even if you feel fine. Adrenaline running through your system you may prevent you from feeling the full effects of the injury for hours or even days following an accident.  It is better to be transported to the hospital by ambulance and have yourself checked out for possible disc injuries.

Why Seek a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you have sustained damage to your discs through the fault of a third party, then you may be eligible to receive monetary compensation for your medical expenses and general pain and suffering.  Contact The Law Office of David Gutierrez today.  We will walk you through the whole process of filing a claim for disc or spinal injuries and will see to it that your case is represented in a fair and aggressive manner so as to get things taken care of as quickly and painlessly as possible.